How to Dissolve Tonsil Stones Naturally with Home Remedies

 Are you suffering from bad breath issues in spite of maintaining good oral hygiene?  Without much doubt, you may be developing tonsil stones, which is a rather distasteful problem.

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Tonsil Stones

Tonsil-StonesTonsil stones, also called as tonsilloliths in medical lingo, results from accumulation of mucus discharge, food debris, dead cells, bacteria and other materials in the tonsil depressions.

The tonsils can either have a smooth contour with shallow depressions, or appear rough with deep crypts.  When the tonsils swell up, as in the case of tonsillitis, these tonsil crypts tend to get even deeper, allowing more remains to become accumulated there.  This will cause white blood cells to begin attacking the ‘foreign bodies’, resulting in whitish- to -yellowish-colored lump formation, which is usually hard in consistency, with a horrible taste to it and foul smelling.

Though most individuals would have coughed up a tonsil stone occasionally, it is only in some that tonsilloliths become an extremely bad oral health condition.  In many individuals, the tonsil pits or depressions have very little depth, allowing the stones formed to fall out on their own.  Thus, many actually remain unaware of their tonsil stone problem.

Those unfortunate ones, who experience frequent formation of tonsil stones, will also be suffering from bad breath and/or habitual tonsillitis problem.

Since the stones are generally formed in the tonsil depressions, those individuals who have had their tonsils removed due to medical reasons, will never complain of this problem.  However, tonsillectomy is considered as a solution to this problem only in extreme cases.  Otherwise, it is something that can be taken care of using simple treatment measures.

Dissolving Tonsil Stones

While removing the tonsilloliths is possible with the use of a toothpick or a Q-tip, there also remains the option of dissolving tonsil stones, either using at-home remedies or with some medical assistance.

Gargling – If and when the stone formation is detected at an early development stage, then warm salt water gargles performed frequently through the day will help in disintegrating the tonsilloliths and dislodging them.  Even, gargling with water to which 1 to 2 drops of grapefruit seed extract is added will also aid in dissolving tonsil stones.

The acids present in apple cider vinegar can also assist in breaking up the tonsil stones in order to eliminate them out naturally.  Combine a few drops of the vinegar in a glass of warm water and use as a mouthwash.

When gargling is the chosen method to get rid of tonsil stones, then this is something that will have to be carried out diligently for several days to notice some positive effects.  The effects got will not be instant….do not even expect it to be so.

It is important for the person to hold the liquid in their mouth for about 30 seconds, ensuring that it travels to all parts of the mouth, even to the back of the throat so as to not only effectively dissolve the stones, but also to prevent further stone formation.

Oral IrrigatorThe use of a Waterpik oral irrigator may also assist in dissolving tonsil stones.  This system contains a very small but powerful pump that forces jets of water out through a narrow, syringe-like plastic tip.  With this tip aimed on the tonsils and the system put to use, the water gushing out can aid in decomposing the stones into smaller particles for its complete elimination.

The appropriate method to be followed for dissolving tonsil stones will depend on the size and chronicity of the problem.

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